In loving memory of Justin Mail

By Graham Mail

In memory of Justin Mail

All money donated in lieu of flowers will assist in funding medical research, equipment, and other initiatives in the Palliative Care and Hepatology Services to ensure patients achieve optimal health outcomes at the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital.


Justin Mail, son of Sally & Graham, brother to Taryn and Dylan and father to Eva & Hugo, passed away peacefully in October 2021 at the age of 44.

Justin was loved by so many friends and family, and he nurtured those friendships. He loved a party, whether it was London, Hong Kong or Australia, you were always his friend and he was always there for you. His laugh was infectious and he laughed at everyone’s jokes no matter how bad they were. He loved his sport and it meant so much to him to be part of a team – to play for each other.

Despite the tragedy Jus lived through he taught us to love, to show compassion and unconditional acceptance for all, no matter what hardships they were enduring. Your life’s success is measured not by worldly possessions but by the effect you have on the people around you.

Justin was lovingly cared for by so many in the various departments of the RBWH, but especially the Palliative & Supportive Care staff, the Hepatology Service, the ICU and the nursing staff on the 9th floor of Ned Hanlon Building.

We got to know so many of the staff who treated Justin and our family with care, kindness and dignity. We will be forever grateful to you all.

He loved his Eva and Hugo so much and always wished he could have seen more of them and been more involved in their lives. Goodbye my “Chookie” and “My Little Man”.

Love you forever.

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The Robbos

Love you Maily.


Graham Mail


Steven Morris

To my brother from another mother, I miss your wisdom, your kindness, your understanding. your listening and your support. I miss your laugh and even your jokes, which were never any good mind you... But oh how I just miss laughing with you. We shared some adventures my friend, I will never forget those days, some of the greatest of our lives. I thank you for those. You helped shaped who I am, and I am better for that. Thank you mate for always being there and always being you. I will miss you but I will never forget you. I love you brother. I always will. Rest In Peace my friend. Love always Mozz xx


Dylan Mail


Meggitt Family

Dearest Jus You have been a dear friend since you were a little blonde, gregarious, sparkly, happy child. You grew up in a kind, loving, stable family home with parents who only ever had your best interests at heart and who, and you, have taught us all so much about compassion and unconditional love. Especially your forgiving nature and the love for your children which was extraordinary. You always had a stellar sense of humour, a set of values and principles we all admired and that brilliant smile. ‘A’ for effort Jus. May you rest in peace darling. The Meggitts


Bill And Jan East

In loving memory of Justin, an amazing and caring young man who we loved so much. With our love. Jan and Bill


Frank Youngleson


Lorraine And Rod Hoare

hi Sal and Gra, Lorraine and I have been thinking of you and the family. We think you have done a tremendous job over the years and have given your all to support Justine in his time of need. We think he has gone to a better place and left his demons behind. I will treasure the few days we spent together some 3 years ago when I was passing through Brisbane. Go in Peace. Lorraine and Rod.


Luke Wilson

My best mate for many years at school, in sport and travelling around the World together. An amazing guy with a unique ability to bring people together and to always create great times.


Jean And Tony Young

To our much-loved Jussie, Ever since I can remember you as a little blonde boy with the infectious smile and laugh, everyone always adored you. Your Granny and Grandpa Mail thought the world of you and I know they would have been devastated by your death however they will be there to guide your sole on to whatever awaits us all. You were a remarkable kind and generous individual and you will be sorely missed by all who had the pleasure of knowing you. You will be in our hearts and thoughts forever and I'm sorry I couldn't give you one last hug before you left us. I know Eva and Hugo loved you so much and I'll make sure they always know how much you loved them. Your kindness shines through them now. Graham and Sal, Dylan and Taryn, my thoughts are with you. Jus is at peace now.


Leonie Wilson


Friths (wooloowin)

Such a great man - we are blessed to have known him so well, he enriched everyones' lives though happiness, love and friendship.


Peter And Noreen Fitch


Linsay Dean

In memory of my darling cuzzie Wuzzie, who we will always love and miss dearly. Love Garrick and Lins xxx


Hamish And Carol Camerin



Dear Sally and Graham, as you know Justin was prone to a good laugh, good humour, and especially a bit of good banter. He was a great support on difficult high intensity projects to many, a good friend and his absence is a loss to us all. Miss you Justin. I’m thankful for the wonderful support that RBWH and others have provided in recent times. My heart grieves with you at Justin’s loss and I am also reminded of the many laughs we shared.


Monika Waters


Barbara Mcdermott

I’m so sorry Sal and Graham. I can’t imagine your grief


Cassandra Pharr

Very happy to have known one Justin Mail. 🤍


Barney Burke


Betty Hutchings

In my thoughts and prayers Graham Sally


Holly Howard

For my dearest Wuzzy, I can’t begin to explain how empty it feels without you. Thank you for being so wonderful and compassionate always. For listening, giving life advice and always making me laugh. The world didn’t deserve such a fine man and we are at such a loss without you in our lives. I know you’ll always be with me and I’ll forever love you ❤️ Love your Causty xxx


Lynn Merrick

Sending much love and light to you all ⚘⚘⚘


Alina Tollenaere (née Craigie)

Dearest Jus, thank you for being such a kind and caring friend. I have so many fond memories of growing up together with you and feel privileged to have been part of your life. You had a gift of making everyone around you feel special and I will miss you. Rest In Peace. Love Alina xo



Wustafiss.....💋💋 You saved my life and I'm so sorry I couldn't save yours. I know you've gotta go and be a Dolphin now, so I expect to see you in the ocean soon and you better let me pat your rubbery head when I do. Thank you for always loving and accepting me exactly as I am. Thank you for teaching us all how to accept the things we can't change about others, and to love them just as they are. You made every one of us a more loving, kind and compassionate person and I believe this was actually one of your greatest achievements in this lifetime. We all know how much you were hanging on to be there for your kids... And how utterly much you love and adore them. We will make sure they always know how much that was and still is. I look forward to seeing you again, and in the meantime I know you're 'in here everywhere' and not 'out there somewhere'... Big kiss on your head and I Love You Forever. Ps. I can't thank my parents enough for the amazing job they did completely sacrificing the past 5 years of their lives to make sure you were safe, comfortable, happy and loved every day. I'm in awe with your devotion to us, and Jus was too. Also thank you so much to the RBH staff who were all so wonderful, kind and supportive. It made the world of difference in our journey with Juz and I know he really enjoyed seeing you all. Love T xx


Shirley And Trevor Davey


Penny Chalmers (née Rylands)

So sorry for your loss Graham & Sally, Taryn, Hugo & Eva. Justin was one of the truly nice guys. I have many fond memories of our uni days at UQ, our “Awesome Foursome”. Much love to you all


Jenna Peisley

He will be forever missed. Was such an amazing man and always knew how to make me laugh.